I love sugar!  I love carbs!  I have a problem and I know it!  A few years ago I fully realized that basically my entire family had died and all from various health conditions.  I started a goal to change my life for the better.  I gave up soda almost 4 years ago and gave up basically all fast-food after that.  I’m already a fitness guru, so now it is time to tackle the hard things, like sugar.  It’s in EVERYTHING!  Have you looked at the ingredients list of your food, it’s there and often at the top.  We have trained our brains to rely on it and now I want to stop that.

Because I know many of you have the same problems, I thought I would create a group that we could do this together.  So if you are ready to try the Whole 30, consider joining me!  Click HERE to join my exclusive group where we will support and learn from each other!   We start on July 15, so order the It Starts With Food book and let’s do this!

July 6, 2017