So you all, I can’t tell you how exciting this was.  I was one of the Top 50 of this program I rocked in and had the opportunity to visit two different farms doTERRA uses to source our oils.

The first farm we visited is still being run by 4th generation farmers.  How awesome is that!  Here’s a great picture of one of the frames that shows the family generation.

We had the opportunity to listen to various family members share about their partnership with doTERRA as well as see first hand the entire process.

At this farm we saw the production of Spearmint and we even each got to fill our own bottle to bring home.  SCORE!

I also have to share about one of the execs of the company, Emily.  There is something special about each one of them and not just because I drink the doTERRA kool-aid.   These people really have servant hearts.  Get this….so on the first day one of the ladies on the trip was getting a lot of motion sickness because she just found on she was pregnant. Emily had her get on the floor, took her shoes and socks off and began rubbing her feet with oils.  THE EXECUTIVE OF THE COMPANY.  She didn’t ask who had oils, who could help, she did it herself!  This made me fall in love with the company even more than I already had.

If you haven’t jumped on this oil thing yet, please let me be the person to help you.   Just schedule a time to chat, send me an email or get started by following the information on the Essentials Oil page of my website.

August 3, 2017

Visiting doTERRA Farms