If you have followed any of the recent social media hype about a lady getting blisters from using essential oils and then going into a tanning bed then this article is for you.  I won’t even go into the full details because she knew she was wrong, but my point is… are using essential oils for health benefits but then you are putting yourself on a tanning bed?!?!?  Enough said.

But because summer is all about fun in the sun with your family, let’s dive into it.  Essential oils play a big part in my life so I always want to make sure that I am using them in a way that will be beneficial and not hurt me or my family.  That’s why I am so happy that dōTERRA has published several articles about safety when using essential oils. Today’s article is featuring Summer Essential Oil Safety that can help keep your family and friends protected while being in the great outdoors. Check out this great article on the dōTERRA Blog:


August 10, 2017

Summer Essential Oil Safety