Last week we discussed dinning out.  But if you’re pledging to eat healthier this new year, I would suggest you take a closer look at what’s in your grocery cart.

When researchers at the University of Vermont tracked people’s purchases from September to March, they found (no surprise) that people made less healthy buys during the holiday season, starting the week before Thanksgiving.

But after New Year’s, when people are resolution-happy, the study found that people don’t necessarily stop buying junk, even if they start buying more healthy food, too. In fact, the study participants purchased 9 percent more calories after January 1st than they did during the height of cookie season. The explanation: Shoppers keep buying the high-cal stuff they got in the habit of bringing home over the holidays, plus the healthier items they’re intending to eat to get back in shape. But keeping junk in the house just makes it more difficult to eat healthily.

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January 4, 2018

Take A Look In Your Grocery Cart