I hope you have found these tips useful.  We are on to a new week and new tip.

Treat your business like a business.  Those who show up and do the work are successful.  So show up every day, share every day, find new customers every day.  Over time this creates consistency and a thriving business.

As I coach various people, this is one thing I find that holds people back from their greatness.  People come in really strong, work hard and then about a couple of months in BAM! this actually becomes work.  Since this type of business doesn’t require us to show up and clock in, people have a hard time just showing up.  Working on your blog and getting social media posted should really take a back seat to doing activities that directly relate to producing income.  Every day you should be prospecting, booking more classes/parties, and following up.  These 3 skills are key to the survival of your business.  Teach your peeps to do the same thing.  If you have ‘extra’ time, then you can do the other stuff, but always focus on income producing activities…everything else is just fluff.

April 19, 2018

Direct Sales/MLM Tip #3