If you are like me, everything is going fine and then one day everything that could go wrong goes wrong. (insert horror film music)

These moments are going to happen, but what is important is how we react to it. Here are a few tips to keep you moving forward:

Embrace it – Instead of freaking out (though it is ok if you do for a few moments), sit back and take it in. You may be a perfectionist like me, but it’s ok. There are going to be those times that things just aren’t going to go as planned.

Change Your Mindset – I can’t tell you how many people I have coached that have blocked themselves all because of their mindset. You can be great at everything, but if your head isn’t in the right spot, it really isn’t great for you!

Focus on Being Healthy – During these stressful times people have a tendency to eat their feelings. I encourage you to focus on self-care instead. Drink more water, avoid sugar which will send you up and then spirling down. Finally, go exercise to blow of steam or do some yoga to ground yourself.

Put on some essential oils – Oils which come from trees would be a great place to start. They will keep you grounded and work on relieving any tension that you may have.

May 3, 2018

Tips for Overcoming that No-Good-Very-Bad-Day