I took a stroll past the Dollar Spot in my local Target this week and found an array of everything possible under the sun for a couple of bucks. There were learning games for kids, gadgets for charging your phone, Easter decor, St. Patrick’s Day socks and buttons, and right next to those socks were Essential Oils.  Wait, what?!? Essential Oils for a couple of bucks on the dollar shelf at Target next to gimmicky St. Patty’s Day “Kiss Me Because I Am Irish” buttons?!?

Has it ever crossed your mind to buy one of these oils? I think the placement of those oils is really significant. Are you feeling LUCKY enough to risk buying and using those dollar oils?

Not all oil brands are created equal. And I am here to tell you today why you should never, ever buy those cheap oils.

There are four things to help you know if the oil you are buying is legit or if it is too risky to buy:

  1. It is incredibly cheap.

Buying an oil at the dollar spot is never a good idea. Oils are very valuable and generally reflect the price. Remember, you get what you pay for.

  1. There is NO price variance between oils.

Every variety of oil on the shelf was the exact same price at Target. If every oil available for sale is the exact same price that should send up a red flag for you. It takes different processes in different parts of the world to obtain the oils. So Frankincense is going to be a different price than Clove simply because the process and costs to obtain the oils are different.

  1. Adequate testing has been done.

If the company or packaging doesn’t provide detailed information on the testing that has been done on the oil…then stay far away.

  1. Multiple ways to use the oils. Watch out for oils that state on the package to only use the oil one way, for example diffusing it in the air. If the product recommends it doesn’t touch your skin, you know it isn’t right for you to buy. Oils should be able to be used more than one way. Oils should be able to be diffused, consumed in veggie caps, or applied to your skin with a roller ball applicator for example.

But really, taking a chance or hoping you have have great luck when it comes to purchasing oil isn’t necessary. doTERRA has done all the work for you so that you know you are getting what you want and need. All the products are backed by medical professionals, harvested safely and in a sustainable way, with prices that match the plant. These products are tested and the information is provided transparently. So don’t take a risk by purchasing an essential oil at the dollar store. Instead, I highly recommend downloading my free ebook that gives you some helpful information about essential oils, along with some great recipes. Just click this link [] to get your free copy today.


March 15, 2019

Are You Feeling Lucky?