After reading my previous blog posts, you’ve learned that Network Marketing is more likely to make you a lot more money than sticking with most Direct Sales companies. So now you need to find the right person to partner with.  Long gone are the days of just looking for someone local. Because technology can easily bring us more closer together, it’s possible to find a fantastic person to help get you going virtually anywhere.  But because it is difficult to meet face to face and potentially see the person working their business in person, it’s even more important that you know what to look for in a leader in a company you are looking at. 

I’m going to provide you a great list of questions to consider when interviewing a prospective new upline. I know that sounds crazy, right?!? Interview?!?! And I would have thought the same thing 10-15 years ago when I was new in the industry. 

Typically in a Direct Sales company a lot of the assets you need to run your business are provided by the company. But in Network Marketing a lot of the materials and systems are created by individuals working in the field. So you want to make sure that the person you want to sign up with has great systems in place to support you, but is also available to help you individually. 

I’ve seen some people grow so big in this industry and have so many systems in place that everything is automated and they don’t have time to give new team members the attention that you need. So be warned…just because a person has built to the highest rank in the company, doesn’t mean that they are good fit to enroll with.

In fact, I hear from a lot of ‘newbies’ who enroll with these top tier people and unless you’re ready to keep up the pace with this individual, you will most likely not get any attention.  This leads to a lot of frustration on the new persons part. Now I’m not saying everyone is this way, but it’s important to get all the facts, and this is why I recommend you interview the person you want to enroll with.

In the download below there are a list of questions that you will want to consider. You’ll want to make sure that you can schedule an appointment with this individual for about 30 minutes, and this would be on top of any information and time you would need to understand the product. If the person doesn’t even have time to do this call with you, walk away.  Even if they send you a video with some of the questions answered, walk away. It’s obvious that this person doesn’t make time to talk with their people.

So check out the download and start thinking of which things are most important to you. Then, I want you to check out my next blog post where I’m going to share something that’s happening that’s so innovative, so on trend that it will knock your socks off. 

July 19, 2019

Interview Your Potential Upline