I want to thank you for sticking around and reading some of my other blog posts and for checking out the various downloads I’ve created to help you. 

Now, what if I told you that there is a huge opportunity available right now? One that is breaking records and doing things that have never been done before by Network Marketing companies?  Sound interesting? What if I told you that the sky is the limit in terms of income, as once you build to the highest rank you can start all over again, on top of what you are already earning….That’s great potential right?  What if I told you that one of the leaders in this company has been in the industry for awhile and has learned all of the tricks of the trade and is willing to share with you?

Well if you haven’t guess yet, this is me, and I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity to join my team.  As you know I have been involved within this industry for 20 years, both as a consultant and also as a corporate staff person. I’ve learned what works and is lasting, and what doesn’t.

A few years ago I was introduced to doTERRA, the global leader in essential oils and I was excited to learn more about the product and company.   When I saw the compensation plan (after only experiencing the typical Direct Sales compensation plan), I was blown away.

Essential oils have been gaining popularity for a few years now. You don’t have to look far to notice that there are tons of companies trying to get a piece of the pie. The problem is that most of the companies out there are putting out an inferior product that has either been diluted or is completely synthetic. And, you can’t even trust the label as the FDA doesn’t regulate essential oils. 

So after much personal research I realized that there are less than handful of companies that actual share the data of what’s in every bottle, like doTerra does, which is very different from other companies. Not only does doTERRA create the highest quality of essential oils on the market today, they also have a slew of other healthy products including; all natural skin care, green cleaning products, whole food supplements and much, much more.

Remember in an earlier blog post where I mentioned consumable products? Well this is the best part about doTERRA.  There are tons of consumable products that people are actually looking for and use in their everyday lives.

With a great subscription box program people get rewarded to order each month and stock up on the products that they were using already, like toothpaste, laundry detergent and more. This makes your paycheck a lot more stable as you can anticipate that people will order again and again.

Now let’s talk about innovation. doTERRA is ‘disrupting’ the healthcare industry by helping cutting-edge researchers at places like John Hopkins University.  But get this, doTERRA is opening up their own health clinics, where modern medicine is partnered with more holistic approaches. That’s like Pampered Chef opening cooking schools, it just doesn’t happen.

Companies typically don’t venture outside their role of providing a product. So this is huge, and it’s just getting started. More and more people are looking for natural solutions, and this just isn’t a fad or a niche market. As more research is published about what we already know about the power of essential oils, more customers will stepping forward.  Do you see the potential here?!?

Now is the time to jump on this train as it continues to move onward and upward. You’ll be joining with my team, one that is committed to helping others and changing lives, physically, emotionally and financially. We have very active facebook groups for both customers and those doing the business. I have a website that lists a ton of resources all in one location for you to find what you need. You’ll be joining a team where everyone works together and where we help each other, all spread out across the US and spreading quickly into other countries.  And then, of course, you’ll be signing on with me, someone who has the experience and know how to individually coach and support you through this journey.

So I’ve got a couple of options to help you. You can say ‘heck yeah,’ I want to do this! So you’ll click HERE to sign up and get started. That’s the kind of motivation that will take you far in this business.

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And of course, at anytime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and ask any questions that come up. I’m here to help as many people create the life they have only dreamed of. But you have to be ALL IN. So if this is you, let’s get started today. Whatever you choose, I’m committed to helping you live your best life.  

July 19, 2019

Why I joined & Why You Will Too.