I know it is only September, but I have been working on something this summer with a good friend of mine. Together, we have created an essential oil workshop for you to use during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Each week there is a new blend to use along with a scripture and short devotion which will be a reminder for your intention for the week.

I’m telling you now because next week it will launch at the global convention and it will be the first time I see it in person as well. Eek! You’ll eventually be able to purchase it directly from

But, I’m even more excited to share that if you purchase a kit you’ll want to make sure you follow me on social media as I’ll be doing some talks leading up to Advent as well as during the event. So not only will you get to experience it with you and family, but I will provide some additional information as we participate together.

It’s going to be a great experience and we have some more fun things planned for the near future.

September 4, 2019

Advent Workshop