I thought for today’s post I would go back to my beginnings in the Direct Sales arena. And back to the beginning, I mean way back.

I actually remember my drive way back when I was in the Boy Scouts. I used to be super motivated to sell more pizzas than everyone else, to earn that new pocketknife or the chance to go to camp for free.

This drive was just in me. I grew up in a household where my family ran their own business and I think that started it. But even into high school I was driven. I wanted to be the Drum Major of the marching band, and somehow I made it happen. In fact, I was the first sophomore to be a Drum Major in the history of the program.

In college, I pushed hard to not only take classes, but also to pay for it by working many hours and teaching some music lessons on the side.

Then I began teaching, and I really missed being my own boss and working towards a goal and being rewarded for my efforts. This became even more evident when I taught at a university, where my hard work paid off and I was rewarded with MORE work and MORE responsibility, but no extra pay.

During these years I was involved with two different Direct Sales companies, earning top awards and trips that took me around the world. However, it just wasn’t the income I needed to be ‘retired’ and live life on my own terms.

And then came doTERRA. The right company and the right time. Frankly, it’s difficult to make money in the Direct Sales Industry. This is why I’ve found that Multi-Level Marketing is not only easier, but smarter. You can read my previous post about it HERE.

So my dream of being able to live on a lake and travel when I want (well not currently because we are all stuck at home) has become a reality.

And I know you are probably sitting there thinking that’s great, he can do that, but I could never do that. Well first, STOP. What I realized this past year is that I am unique, and that doesn’t duplicate well. So my team and I have implemented a training/business plan that is super easy with simple steps to do each day to rock your business like we are.

If you are still reading this, I must have interested you in at least a little bit. So what are you waiting for? Send me a email or a message on facebook and let’s get you set for living your life to the fullest.

April 24, 2020

Where It All Began