I thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about myself that you might not know. So let’s see if anything surprises you:

  1. I’m an Eagle Scout. I was heavily involved in scouting growing up and worked all the way up through the ranks of the scouting program.
  2. I worked nearly 10 years in summer camp programs. Of course this relates to scouting, but I also worked at a camp for kids with Epilepsy and a church camp and I held positions from waterfront staff to Program Director.
  3. I was a drum major in high school. I was chosen as a freshman to be a drum major for 3 years, which was a first for the school I was in. I loved it and it really inspired me to go into music as a career.
  4. I play the bassoon. Most people don’t even know what this instrument is, so you might need to go look it up. But it’s a long woodwind instrument mainly used in orchestras. I switched over from clarinet in high school because I knew I could get more scholarship money for playing, and I did.
  5. I’ve played Carnegie Hall…twice.
  6. I have 3 degrees. One in music education, one in music and then my PhD is in education.
  7. My research interest for my PhD and beyond was preserving the indigenous music of the Ecuadorian rainforest. I eventually wrote a book, published completely in Spanish, that documents the original music of this area. I lived in the jungle twice for about a month gathering information and recordings.
  8. I’ve been learning to play the harp. If you follow my facebook page you already know this. I’m already a teacher and performer in voice, piano, organ and woodwinds and I’ve always wanted to learn to play the harp.
  9. I run a private music studio. While essential oils has become a full-time career for me, I love music so I still maintain an active studio. Want lessons? Just let me know…I offer virtual lessons as well.
  10. I direct music at a church. This is the 3rd church I have worked in but have been in this job for almost 19 years, the longest job I have ever held. I accompany the services and direct the adult ensembles.

I hope this gave you more insight into what makes Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil. Want to learn more about me, then you need to join my Private Facebook Group.

June 12, 2020

10 Facts About Me