Ok, truth time. Sometimes I hate it, but comparing to other platforms out there, it is still the best way to connect with people.

I’ve dabbled on other social media platforms. Twitter is great for following politics and news, but just doesn’t seem to create great connections. Instagram is pretty and you can certainly look at other people. TikTok and some of the newer things are more entertainment in my opinion.

While facebook sure has its down sides, the ability to create and participate in groups is a huge plus for me. None of the other platforms allow this efficiently. I can connect with groups of people who think like I do and have the same interests I do. I can message privately or in groups, which has certainly streamlined my business.

I think other platforms will continue to come and go. Remember Periscope? It is still around, but never really took off. Facebook is still the largest platform out there and to me the easiest way to connect with people.

While I have a business page, I’m doing something I have never done before, letting you all be my personal friend on facebook. Step into my tribe, will ya!?! Click HERE to friend request me and then shoot me a message. See you in cyberspace.

July 10, 2020

Why I love facebook