Let me give it to you straight. You need Essential Oils in your life. Why you wonder? Because everyone has something that Essential Oils can help you with. Whether you are looking for non-toxic cleaners, something to help with the daily stresses of life, battling the latest bug, or just want an amazing toothpaste or deodorant, there is an Essential Oil product for you. If you are ready for a serious physical change then I’m your guy. There are a few options to get you started using doTERRA products. Why doTERRA? Well, not all essential oils are made the same way.

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Dr. Phil is very knowledgeable, passionate about products, and can answer any questions that you may have. Also, I know Dr. Phil personally and he is invested in living a healthy lifestyle. I choose doTERRA over other companies when it comes to essential oils and other products because they are committed to giving back through the Healing Hands foundation and also for using a therapeutic grade essential oil. 

-Douglas Brewer, Certified Reiki Master Teacher

We’ve had increased sales and income after integrating doTERRA into our practice. People are looking and ready for these products, so it was an easy choice to bring them and start educating our patients. We are so thankful to Dr. Phil for helping us and being such a great leader.

-Dr. Dawn Robinson-Murphy, Chiropractor Physician

My son has special needs and the blends we have used with him have been absolutely life changing. He has made such strides in his behavior and his sleep patterns. We owe all these successes to Dr. Phil. He has been there every step of the way. Whenever I have a question or am curious about a product, he is right there to answer. If you are considering using essential oils, I say give it a shot and you’ll see their benefits right away

Tarrah Vaupel, Mom & Seminary Student

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