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or exercising in a way that was good for my body. I was in survival mode and it was awful. One day, I got serious. Serious about my life, my health, my business, and my finances in a way that I could choose the outcome. And because I have learned the way, I want to share this with you, too. This way of life is possible.

Click on the link to learn how to get clear on your vision for your life, business, career, relationships, and who you want to be in the world. This could be one of the most powerful things you do for yourself this year, it is time to get serious. What are you waiting for?

It’s my goal to inspire people to live a life that you love, work the exact business you want, and earn the kind of money you want, to give you the financial freedom to live how you want. Eat and drink in a way that you live the healthiest life possible. Have the mindset you need to make an impact in the world around you.

 I have not always lived the life I wanted. It took me some time to realize that I was living the way we have been conditioned to work. I was earning a salary that was dictated to me, not what I was worth. I was working hours that others needed, not what I wanted. I wasn’t eating 


Having a wellness lifestyle is no longer just about simply eating right or just getting exercise. For years I ate unhealthy food, had major back issues and struggled to function day-to-day because I was tired all the time. I was always exhausted and working like crazy but getting no where substantial. Then one day I found something that could help me physically and emotionally. It was worth every penny. If you are ready to take your health seriously, then I’m here to help you.  

Discovering Serious Health Benefits 

I love to travel and create the schedule I want, but it wasn’t always that way. A few years ago  I  had a full-time teaching career, worked a direct-sales business, taught private music lessons, and freelanced a lot. I was successful and achieved multiple awards, but realized I wasn’t really earning life-changing money, and was so busy that I couldn’t even enjoy the little free  time  I  had. Then I   found  a way to take my life seriously and design the life I always dreamed. I can still be incredibly  driven,  but now see the direct correlation between my efforts and compensation. I also have down time to do what I want, including nothing at all, enjoying time at the lake house or take a vacation and escape the Midwest weather. Now I share what I have learned and to help people like you create their dream life just like I did.        

The Search for Serious Freedom

I have known Dr. Phil since 2003. He has proven himself as a leader in the industry. His personality and business skills are a recipe for success. I admire his work ethic, as well as his insights into people, product development, and processes. He’s a pleasure to work with and is an asset to any business venture.

—Karen Morris, Presidential Director at Close To My Heart

During the 15 years that I have known Phil, he has been my friend, teacher, mentor, and business partner. In my 35 years in business, I am not sure that I have come across a more energetic, focussed, and consistent individual. He has a tremendous amount of experience teaching and leading individuals as well as teams, in this fast-paced, continually evolving direct-sales industry. He is definitely someone to know and learn from. 

—Kelly Ellerbrake, Former Top Producing Realtor & MLM Leader