When I was first introduced to the Direct Sales model I was instantly hooked and saw the potential of getting directly
rewarded for my efforts. This was certainly way different than my teaching career. Through the years, I have been involved with three
different companies and have been an award-winning consultant in both sales and recruiting with all three. I’ve also earned numerous incentive trips from the companies that have taken me around the world. I have also been contracted by direct-sales companies to provide training and education to consultant leaders.

But can I get real serious with you for a minute? I’ve always dreamed big,
wanted to make something of my life, and deeply cared about people. However,
I found myself living what I would call a life that other people expected. I found myself working in a job with hours that other people set, at a pay that was well below the work I was doing. Even in my Direct Sales businesses I worked my tail off, won awards, but never made  tons of money. I felt stuck, trapped even.Then one day I found something that changed everything.

If you feel like you are struggling in life, not sure what direction is up or down, then you have come to the right place. Most people don’t realize they have hit a brick wall in their life until they talk with a life coach that can get them moving in the right direction again. Let me be that person for you!

I have been where you are, wanting so much more financially, physically, mentally, and with my business, hitting that brick wall over and over again. It wasn’t until I had actionable items, concrete steps to take, and clear direction that I started moving forward. It took me getting really serious about my life, all aspects of my life, and then I was able to see serious results.

Don’t wait. You can’t afford to remain where you are a minute longer. Let’s get serious about your life and help you move forward!

Time to get Serious About your Life

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If you mean business, and by that I mean starting a serious business of being your own boss, then you are talking to the right person.

Starting your own business can give you the financial freedom and fulfillment like you have only dreamed of before. And I am here to help people who are truly serious about working their own business. I can show you the steps you need to take to be uber successful. 

I Mean Business, serious business

During the 15 years that I have known Phil, he has been my friend, teacher, mentor, and business partner. In my 35 years in business, I am not sure that I have come across a more energetic, focussed, and consistent individual. He has a tremendous amount of experience teaching and leading individuals as well as teams, in this fast-paced, continually evolving direct-sales industry. He is definitely someone to know and learn from. 

—Kelly Ellerbrake, Former Top Producing Realtor & MLM Leader

Phil Wilhelm is a business genius. He has a gift for understanding the overarching complexities of large-scale projects and business ideas and at the same time he has the amazing grasp of the minute details. It is so incredibly rare to meet someone who can do both so well. I have loved working with Phil in a variety of situations so much so that I seek out opportunities to learn from his savvy skills. He truly has the Midas Touch...anything he works on turns to gold. 

—Stacy San Juan, Founder, Decoding Direct Sales

I have known Dr. Phil since 2003. He has proven himself as a leader in the industry. His personality and business skills are a recipe for success. I admire his work ethic, as well as his insights into people, product development, and processes. He’s a pleasure to work with and is an asset to any business venture.

—Karen Morris, Presidential Director at Close To My Heart