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With over 20 years as an entrepreneur, I have spent time in the Direct Sales Industry ranking as a top representative in Sales and Recruiting for multiple companies. I am currently running an serious business (ask me about it!) with a team of thousands. I teach others how to build successful businesses and have figured out how to take life seriously so that I can get serious results. I am ready to share that same success formula with you. I travel when I want, but also spend lots of time in my country home overlooking a lake, giving me time to relax, enjoy life and love on my two adorable, neurotic fur babies.

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You are responsible for your own happiness. You—yes you. If you are seriously ready to take control of your life, health or personal finances then you came to the right place.

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Phil Wilhelm is a Direct Sales powerhouse. He can lead teams and develop leaders to be stronger recruiters and top sellers because he’s done it all personally. I’ve worked with him in two organizations over more than a decade, where he inspires and supports others with his experience, passion, and energy. He can intuit creative solutions to problems and present ideas with clarity (and a whole lot of fun).

—Kristine Widtfeldt, CEO Chalk Couture

I have known Dr. Phil since 2003. He has proven himself as a leader in the industry. His personality and business skills are a recipe for success. I admire his work ethic, as well as his insights into people, product development, and processes. He’s a pleasure to work with and is an asset to any business venture.

—Karen Morris, Presidential Director at Close To My Heart

During the 15 years that I have known Phil, he has been my friend, teacher, mentor, and business partner. In my 35 years in business, I am not sure that I have come across a more energetic, focussed, and consistent individual. He has a tremendous amount of experience teaching and leading individuals as well as teams, in this fast-paced, continually evolving direct-sales industry. He is definitely someone to know and learn from. 

—Kelly Ellerbrake, Former Top Producing Realtor & MLM Leader

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Now I am offering my proven expertise to you. And I bet you are ready to get serious about your life. That is why you found your way to my website. There is a way to get the success you want and I am ready to share. So, if you are serious about your life, business, finances, or health then sign up today to start seeing the serious results you desire. Schedule a 30-minute strategy session with me.

I spent years in the rat race, doing the same thing and getting the same results. Results that I wasn’t happy with. Then one day I took a serious look at my life and realized something had to change. I had to really invest the time in my mind, my health, my business, and my personal life to get the results I wanted. So, I began to make serious changes. And I figured out how to get the lifestyle I wanted, the financial freedom I wanted, and with all the benefits. Seriously!

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I took a stroll past the Dollar Spot in my local Target this week and found an array of everything possible under the sun for a couple of bucks. There were learning games for kids, gadgets for charging your phone, Easter decor, St. Patrick’s Day socks and buttons, and right next to those socks were Essential Oils.  Wait, what?!? Essential Oils for a couple of bucks on the dollar shelf at Target next to gimmicky St. Patty’s Day “Kiss Me Because I Am Irish” buttons?!?

Has it ever crossed your mind to buy one of these oils? I think the placement of those oils is really significant. Are you feeling LUCKY enough to risk buying and using those dollar oils?

Not all oil brands are created equal. And I am here to tell you today why you should never, ever buy those cheap oils.

There are four things to help you know if the oil you are buying is legit or if it is too risky to buy:

  1. It is incredibly cheap.

Buying an oil at the dollar spot is never a good idea. Oils are very valuable and generally reflect the price. Remember, you get what you pay for.

  1. There is NO price variance between oils.

Every variety of oil on the shelf was the exact same price at Target. If every oil available for sale is the exact same price that should send up a red flag for you. It takes different processes in different parts of the world to obtain the oils. So Frankincense is going to be a different price than Clove simply because the process and costs to obtain the oils are different.

  1. Adequate testing has been done.

If the company or packaging doesn’t provide detailed information on the testing that has been done on the oil…then stay far away.

  1. Multiple ways to use the oils. Watch out for oils that state on the package to only use the oil one way, for example diffusing it in the air. If the product recommends it doesn’t touch your skin, you know it isn’t right for you to buy. Oils should be able to be used more than one way. Oils should be able to be diffused, consumed in veggie caps, or applied to your skin with a roller ball applicator for example.

But really, taking a chance or hoping you have have great luck when it comes to purchasing oil isn’t necessary. doTERRA has done all the work for you so that you know you are getting what you want and need. All the products are backed by medical professionals, harvested safely and in a sustainable way, with prices that match the plant. These products are tested and the information is provided transparently. So don’t take a risk by purchasing an essential oil at the dollar store. Instead, I highly recommend downloading my free ebook that gives you some helpful information about essential oils, along with some great recipes. Just click this link [] to get your free copy today.


Are You Feeling Lucky?

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It’s winter, cold, and snowy. Schools are closing all over the country because of snow days, which are fun for just about a minute. Winter brings less sunlight and therefore a vitamin D deficiency. Is it any wonder that it is common to feel the blues this time of year? But you can wipe those […]

Four Ways to Quickly Lift Your Mood

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Have you had a bad night’s sleep? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Studies have shown that just one night of being sleep deprived can make you as insulin resistant as a type-2 diabetic. This translates directly to aging faster and storing more body fat than you want to (please say […]

Can’t Sleep? You Need to Read This Now.

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In Daring Greatly, Brené Brown writes about numbing behaviors that we use as armor to protect us from hard things, from being vulnerable, and from being responsible. Maybe you think numbing doesn’t apply to you, because you’re not hooked on drugs or alcohol. But I say, hear this, Brown says, “One of the most universal numbing strategies is what I call crazy-busy. I often say that when they start having 12-step meetings for busy-aholics, they’ll need to rent out football stadiums. We are a culture of people who’ve bought into the idea that if we stay busy enough, the truth of our lives won’t catch up with us.”

Ouch! Does this ring true for anyone but me?

When we get off the hamster wheel of busyness, we are forced to notice what comes up for us when we’re not busy. Could we be focusing on our health, our passion, our relationships, what we  need to do to build stable income and wealth in our lives instead of doing mundane things that keep us busy? If this has caught your attention today, you may be addicted to being crazy-busy!

Here are five hard-hitting questions you can ask yourself to get a handle on if you are experiencing this addiction:

  1. Can I recognize when I am feeling bored? How uncomfortable am I  with feelings of boredom? Do I try to do something unhealthy (snacking in the pantry, anyone?) when you are bored?
  2. How afraid am I of being ordinary? What scares me about being extraordinary at something?
  3. Do I tend to feel unworthy and unlovable unless I’m overachieving? Am I a people-pleaser? Why then do I not consider doing something that will help me?
  4. Can I say no to something I don’t want to do? What stops me from saying no? What tools or actions can I put into place to help me say no to things I don’t want to do?
  5. Do you schedule some time each day for yourself? Why not? (Don’t you dare say…”because I am too busy!” :).

If you find that being busy is a way to hide from really knowing and doing something that will help you reach your potential, then you are deep in addiction and we need an intervention. Let’s talk about how I can help coach you to help you be the best you can be. 

Bonus: Learn how turtles help each other get unstuck. This is fascinating. 


Do You Have an Addiction to Being Crazy-Busy?

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